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Images of Empowerment


Anas Ibrahim, an established charcoal seller in Makola Market, was born into this trade, demonstrating the generational nature of informal work. Anas took over the business from his parents, who migrated to Accra from the Upper West Region in northern Ghana. Long, 12-hour days are the norm for Anas, who's at his stall in Makola Market six days a week from 6 o'clock in the morning until 6 o'clock in the evening. He obtains his charcoal from suppliers in the Volta Region, who transport it in large lorry trucks to the market. From there, Anas and other charcoal sellers employ carriers and porters who transport the heavy sacks from the depot to stalls like his. Anas sells charcoal to his customers by weight. Some purchase a full sack, he says, but most opt for varying sizes depending on household needs. One of his greatest challenges is the respiratory issues associated with dealing in charcoal, he says, as it bothers his breathing from time to time. FULLY RELEASED - CONSENT NUMBER: ACC002


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Accra, Ghana

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