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Images of Empowerment


Images are free for non-commercial use under Creative Commons licensing.

The photographs provided here are licensed by the copyright holder under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

The “License Deed” for CC BY-NC 4.0 is available online at, and the full text of CC BY-NC 4.0 is available online at

As required by CC BY-NC, a photo credit shall appear (i) in a type no smaller than that of related text, and (ii) adjacent to or within each image or together with other similar credits and attributions, if the work in which the Image was used includes all such notices in a single place whenever published or displayed by Client, and such credit shall be deemed to satisfy the requirements of CC BY-NC. The photo credit for all collections shall appear as follows: Courtesy of [photographer name]/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment. Some rights reserved.

CC BY-NC 4.0 prohibits commercial use of the licensed materials, and does not include any warranties or indemnities. If you are interested in purchasing a license that allows certain commercial uses and includes certain warranties and indemnities, the images funded by the Hewlett Foundation will be available directly from Getty Images under Getty Images’ standard license offerings. Please note that the images supported by the Packard Foundation are not available for commercial use. Visit for more information.

Full release: All subjects signed our form of model release.

Partial release: Some subjects signed our form of model release; some subjects did not sign.

Blanket release: An individual claiming authority signed our form of model release on behalf of the subjects.

No release: None of the subjects signed our form of model release.