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Images of Empowerment


For more than 10 years, banana and plaintain vendor Mary Dankwah has been stationed at her stall in Kantamanto Market. "I used to sell at Makola Market," she explained, and proceeds to recount her story of being evicted by the city government officials. Here at Kantamanto, Mary sells bananas six days a week, but she affirms with a big smile that Tuesdays are her best day for business. She's stayed here at Kantamanto for the past decade because conditions are better, she says. This includes things like security: all the vendors contribute to pay for security guards, who watch over their property at night. Although she and other vendors have experienced theft, in general, the security guard provides a sense of safety that she relies on. FULLY RELEASED - CONSENT NUMBER: ACC008


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Accra, Ghana

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Jonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment