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Images of Empowerment


Makola Market vendor Victoria Odonkor sits proudly at her vegetable stand. "I've been here for more than 25 years," she said, selling local vegetables such as avocado and kontomire leaves which she obtains from outside of Accra. Through local organizing, market vendors like Victoria have seen improvements in their market conditions. The Makola Market Traders Union has grown to a membership of more than 2,000 members, many of them women, providing a united force from which to seek improved conditions. This has included coming together to provide essential fire estinguishers in the market to address recurrent market fires. Through weekly member meetings, the union shares information and voices strategies with members. The union effectively targets local government to voice the needs and demands of informal workers. FULLY RELEASED - CONSENT NUMBER: ACC040


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Accra, Ghana

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Jonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment